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  • 03/03/2016 1:28 PM | Nancy Carpenter

    East Mountain Chamber March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

    Meeting Called to Order at 1313 hours By Nancy Carpenter

    Bylaws are tabled until John Jones – Entranosa Water rewrites membership and submits to Nancy for review.

    Chamber will support MAG Mixer by taking flyers to Edgewood and Moriarty Bob Jones will take Golden and Madrid.

    KNXM 88.7 $1200 Value in advertising – need written agreement Also need written agreements for Independent and Telegraph

    Sierra Blanca and Shorty’s are donating to MAGS Event.

    Chamber asking for veggie and fruit trays – One Stop will bring some and be there at 4pm to help Julie set up for event

    Bank of the West needs Letter in good Standing from state to take bill Herman and Bob Brittain Off account and add Nancy Carpenter and Bob Jones to account.

    It was suggested that Business meetings are held as networking luncheons only –focus on current members with a small meeting.

    Approximately 12 members not paid. SASS and Talking Talons not renewing. What is the total membership paid?

    Non-Profits - $75.00 for full rights to membership – They must promote Chamber at their events.

    Website links Checking to see if website can take monthly fees. If member pays monthly, the fee is $15.00 per month for the benefit of being able to pay monthly.

    Julie Albright – Changing Jobs and is moving to Daniels Funeral Service full time 8-5. Julie will receive ½ her salary and then willing to stay on hourly to help train new person. We wish Julie well on her new job.

    Looking for employee to replace Julie – should have computer experience and be able to help with website.

    Should start at $10.00 per hour.

    Entranosa asked if Charter members are paying as Charter members per bylaws are supposed to be forever members and not have to pay. Not sure if it was ever decided on.

    Nancy Carpenter adjourned meeting and Bert Almy seconded at 1350 hours.

    Minutes respectfully submitted by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

  • 02/22/2016 4:19 PM | Nancy Carpenter
    There's a CERT training class which stand for "Community Emergency Response Team." This training will prepare people for emergencies and also gives them an opportunity to volunteer and to help during any crisis. 

    Here are all the details:


    Friday, March 18th, from 6:00pm-9:00pm

    Saturday, March 19th, from 8:00am-5:00pm

    Sunday March 20th, from 8:00am-5:00pm


    Moriarty Civic Center, 202 Broadway, Moriarty, NM - (505)832-1719


    No charge - Class is free and lunch will be provided

    Contact Via email if you want to participate


    Other Classes:

    CPR class on Saturday, Apr 23rd at McGrane Center in Tijeras.

    CPR for 4 hours 8:00am to 12:00pm  and

    First Aid Training - 4 hours 12:30pm to 4:30pm


    $35.00 each. Get a certification card for your wallet,

    showing you completed the class.

    Bring your own lunch.

  • 02/16/2016 4:30 PM | Nancy Carpenter

    East Mountain Chamber

    February 2016 Business Meeting

    Minutes by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

    11:45 A.M. Thursday, 4 February 2016 meeting called to order by President Nancy Carpenter.

    Pledge of Allegiance was recited and all members asked to silence cell phones.

    Member introductions or members present at meeting: Nancy Carpenter, Automated Systems Inc, Chamber President Angie Gallegos, Waterworks drilling, Vice President Bert Almy, Almy and Associates, Member at Large Kara Shug, Remax Pros, Past Chamber V.P. George Jasielski, Appliance Service of New Mexico, New Member Keith Coulter, Coldwell Banker Legacy, Member Bob Jones, Sandia Mountain Lions Club, Chamber Treasurer Bob Brittian, Creative Concepts, Member at Large Bill Herman, Hollywick (alpaca) Farms LLC, Past Treasurer Dave Tixier, Mags Indoor Shooting Range, Dan Kniffin, The Kniffin Team, New Member New Member Paul Rothberg, East Mountain Directory, Member Geri Jones, Sandia Mountain Lions Club, Member Julie Albright, Administrative Assistant Effie Medford, New Mexico Medical Center, Member Rachel Donovan, VanDyk Mortgage Corporation, Past President

    Nancy Carpenter presented plaques tin appreciation to Bill Herman, Past Treasurer and Rachel Donovan, Past President for being on last year’s (2015) EM Chamber board. Thank you Bill Herman and Rachel Donovan.

    Recognition to Keith Coulter, Coldwell Banker Legacy providing the Chamber a location in his building, free of charge for 2015.
    Thank you Keith Coulter

    The Chamber has been moved to Automated Systems, Inc, located 12129 NM-14 North, Cedar Crest, NM 87008 for 2016, also free of Charge, Thank you Nancy Carpenter.

    Dan Kniffin gave a new member presentation: Mr Kniffin got into real estate in 2007. He received his license in January of 2008 when economy spiraled downward. He started with Remax in Edgewood until he obtained his broker’s license. Then he started his own company and moved into the old Home Run Pizza place in Edgewood next to Chili Hills. His 1st year he had 20 closings and in his second year he had 30 closings. In 2015, his company made over 10 million and had over 60 closings. He has opened a second location in the old Triangle Grocery building at Crest Rd and North 14. Welcome The Kniffin Team to the East Mountain Chamber!

    Nancy Carpenter gave a presentation on marketing and promoting your business: First is the communication of the value of a product or service of message to the customers or the community. Second – direct marketing is where you go to the customer. Third Indirect marketing is where the customer comes to you. The Chamber is to help market and promote the members. Some of the most profitable ways to promote business were billboards and radio and TV. It was suggested the Chamber take advantage of the Friday KKOB promote your small business. New resident packets were briefly discussed in that the Chamber is putting them together and needs everyone’s flyers, business cards or menus to add in them and that we are looking for 100 to start with.

    The Goals of the Chamber were to be first, exposure to the community, Networking for the businesses, learning, and finally the use of communication tools in promoting our members. It was suggested that Golden and Madrid be added to the Chamber area. The Chamber is currently meeting with members and passing out surveys to find out what other needs the members have.

    Bob Jones treasurer report: Monthly balance was $4085.01. We had $2270 deposits for January and expenses of $1003.93. (See January’s Treasurer’s report for details)

    Signage for the Chamber was discussed so that people could find the new location. Nancy Carpenter said that she would have to check with her landlord for approval for signage.

    Century Link, Legacy Mortgage and Green Side Café are the members of the Month.

    One Stop Office won the door prize

    The Chamber is looking for a larger flat screen monitor for Julie Albright, administrative Assistant – If anyone knows anybody who can donate one please contact the Chamber Office. Phone: (505) 281-1999 or Email: info@eastmountainchamber.com

    Next Month’s Business meeting is scheduled for 11:30 am March, 3rd, 2016.

    Nancy Carpenter called for motion to adjourn

    David Tixier motioned to adjourn
    Bert Almy Second
    Meeting adjourned at 12:45p.m.

    Respectfully Submitted: Tamne Robinson, East Mountain Chamber Secretary

  • 02/12/2016 4:47 PM | Nancy Carpenter

    East Mountain Chamber

    February 2016 Board Meeting

    Minutes by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

    Meeting Called to Order at 13:05 hours

    Nancy Carpenter asked if we followed up with businesses we made Contact with at the Networking event – No Olivia is still going through them.

    Nancy Carpenter stated we need to be better prepared and have a better sign in or contact form to keep track of contacts we make at Chamber events.

    Nancy Carpenter asked if all the members have been contacted and the surveys filled out. NO this is Tax season and we will get to them as quickly as we can.

    Nancy Carpenter asked that all the surveys we have received be scanned in and emailed to her.

    Advertising was discussed – because the Chamber has no funds for advertising – it was suggested that we offer in-kind memberships to the papers and local radio in exchange for advertising.

    It was proposed that Tamne Robinson Contact KXNM and the Independent because of her contacts and with no contacts at Mountain View Telegraph with no contacts that Nancy contact them and see what the Chamber and the Telegraph could work out for advertising.

    Bert Almy stated that he and Julie Albright talked and their suggestion to gain new members would be to have each person ( it was unclear if it was chamber member or board members only) contact 6 people per month and work to try to bring in 6 new members per month. Discussion was tabled to be returned to after bylaws were addressed.

    It was announced that Dave Tixier would be hosting a March event at Mags Indoor Shooting Range.

    It was discussed that the bylaws and other basic policies and regulations be addressed at a later special meeting so that the new board has a firm foundation to build the Chamber on. No date was set as the meeting had to be adjourned at 2pm due to the facility having another commitment for the building. Minutes respectfully submitted by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

  • 02/03/2016 4:05 PM | Nancy Carpenter


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  • 01/18/2016 5:28 PM | Nancy Carpenter

    East Mountain chamber of Commerce
    Board Meeting Minutes

    January, 2016

    Secretary—Tamne Robinson

    Meeting called to order by Nancy Carpenter, President at 1242PM

    Keith Coulter—addressed the board about rent or membership the chamber being housed at his location since leaving the Village of Tijeras.

    Several board members stated they it was the new boards understanding that the Chamber did not give “in Kind” memberships under no circumstances.

    Bob Brittain stated we should just give Mr. Coulter his membership as he has housed the Chamber for free for the last year.

    It was stated that board members agreed to give him his membership this year but that Nancy Carpenter had room for the Chamber office—free of charge and that we would move the office to her store front where the Chamber would not have to pay for rent to save the Chamber money. Bob Brittain and Bob Jones said they would provide trucks and the move would happen on the last weekend of the month.

    Each business needs to update their own information on the website. Nancy said she would create credentials for each business to update their membership and Tamne and Olivia when meeting with businesses would make sure each business knows how to work their information on the website.

    It was briefly discussed about having a Chamber table at all events where we could sell Chamber promotional items as fundraising for the Chamber.

    When to have meetings—times and days so that other members can attend— was tabled for future discussion.

    Colors of the January event—are white Turquoise and Red.

    Angie Gallegos motioned to adjourned the meeting

    Bob Jones seconded the motion

    Meeting adjourned at 1315 hours.

  • 01/18/2016 5:02 PM | Nancy Carpenter
    East Mountain Chamber
    Minutes From 7 January, 2016

    Submitted by Tamne Robinson, Secretary

    11:49 Meeting called to red by Nancy Carpenter, President
    Nancy lead the Pledge of allegiance recited by membership

    Nancy asked that all cells phones be silenced

    Lunch was provided by Burger Boy

    Introductions of the new Board

    Members in attendance:
    Bert Almy, Member at large

    Nancy Carpenter, President

    Angie Gallegos, Vice President

    Tamne Robinson, Secretary

    Dan Kniffin, The Kniffin Team

    Bob Brittin, Member at Large

    Ellen Ashcraft, Mary Kay Cosmetics

    Betty Miller, Diabetes Awareness

    Geri Jones, Lion’s Club

    Bob Jones, Treasurer
    Cpt. Joshua Campos, BCSO

    Tito Madrid, BC Commissioners Assistance

    Keith Coulter, Coldwell Banker Legacy

    Dr. Roger Gildersleeve, NM Medical Center

    Effie Medford, NM Medical Center

    Kara Shug, Remax Pros

    Julie Albright, Chamber Administrator

    Tito Madrid stated that Shawn Perry Turner from the Bernco Economic Development Office will be coming to the January event and will assist in helping the Chamber to grow.

    Guest Speaker: Cpt. Joshua Campos BCSO, East area Commander
    Cpt. Joshua Campos joined BCSO is here to discuss safety during the holidays.

    1. Don’t advertise on your social media sights that you will be out of town. Talk about your trip after
    you get back.

    2. Don’t put your gift boxes at your trashcan. Especially those big screen TV boxes.
    Cut them up and put them inside or put them out right before the trash comes to pick up your trash.

    3. Have motion detector lights that turn on with motion.

    4. Use curtains and blind over windows and doors so that people cannot look in.

    5. Keep yard clean so you can tell if anything has been disturbed or footprints can be seen, etc.

    6. Alert neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your property.

    7. Keep all doors and windows locked.

    8. For businesses—do not cover windows with flyers so that the police can see in to
    Keep and eye on the businesses.
    He also discussed getting on his Email list: jcampos@bernco.gov to receive alerts and newsletters
    If businesses, neighborhood associations, want a mini risk assessment or the active shooter training
    All they have to do is email Cpt. Campos. Give him 48 hours to respond.

    Nancy asked for treasurer’s report—$2504.68 for 2015 year end balance.

    Kara Shug was given her plaque for having served on East Mountain Chamber Board.

    BCSO—Cpt. Campos offered their meeting room for events should we need it.

    Members of the Month: Kefauver CPA, PC, Talking Talons, Cedar Crest Vision

    Door Prize: Ellen Ashcraft—May Kay Cosmetics

    Members need to collect door prizes for January event.

    Angie Motioned to adjourn meeting—Ellen Ashcraft Second

    12:35 Meeting adjourned
  • 12/23/2015 8:04 AM | Nancy Carpenter

    Hello Everyone!


    As 2015 comes to a close, I wanted to remind everyone to take advantage of introducing their company to new East Mountain residents in 2016 by dropping off marketing materials at One Stop Office.




    Below are some other reasons to continue membership with the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce.  Together we can do more!




    We had a good Board meeting on 12/10/15 planning for upcoming 2016 events.  All suggestions and support are welcome.  Help us help you!




    I also wanted to thank all the 2015 Board members and Julie Albright, Chamber Administrator, for their past and future support.  They are really appreciated for always being there and getting things done.


    Rachel Donovan, President

    Kara Schug, Vice-President

    Bill Herman, Treasurer

    Nancy Carpenter, Secretary

    Bert Almy, Member at Large

    Charles Lord, Member at Large

    Bob Brittain (Ex Officer) , Member at Large

    Sarah Edgell (Ex Officer) , Member at Large


    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



    Nancy Carpenter

    2016 East Mountain Chamber of Commerce President

    Automated Systems, Inc.



  • 12/10/2015 4:07 PM | Nancy Carpenter

    Minutes from the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce

    10 December, 2015

    Meeting called to order at 11:30 AM by Nancy Carpenter – Incoming President

                    Forgot to make a motion – New Members learning the ropes.


    In Attendance:  Nancy Carpenter – Incoming President, Angie Gallegos Incoming Vice President,  Tamne Robinson  Incoming Secretary, Bert Almy Member at Large, Olivia Counts Membership Chairperson,  Julie Albright Paid Administrator, Bob Brittian Member at Large, Bill Herman Out Going Treasurer, Liz Morantes Member at Large.

    Old Business

    1.        Bert Almy will get the East Mountain Businesses mailing list to us by this evening to be able to mail out bulk invitations to Winter Networking event.a.       Food is yet to be determined and will be resolved through email once we have the number of invitations we will be sending out.b.      Cost of the postage for the bulk mailing is yet to be determined until we have the information on how many invitations we will be mailing out.

    2.       Tamne Robinson stated she would create and make snowflakes with each business name and Logo if we have it - on them and banners for the corporate sponsors.  Julie Albright wanted 3-d snowflakes to decorate with Tamne stated she would make some for the advanced membership members.

    New Business per agenda

    1.       January 7th 2016 meeting the Guest speaker BCSO East Mountain commander Joshua Compos will be speaking to us.  Julie Albright stated she would call him to find out the content of his speech.

    2.       Board agreed to pay 6 months for the USPS Box.

    3.       Board agreed to reserve and pay $15.00 per hour to LVCC for Winter Networking event. Reservations will be made from 4 to 8 PM  Saturday January 23rd 2016(4 hours) totaling a cost of $60.00

    4.       Bob Brittian is completing the flyer for the event – it was suggested that the darker blue back ground was easier to read and that there should be black lettering over the snowflakes so that the lettering didn’t wash out against the white.

    5.       Bob Brittian will create a Save the Date flyer as well which Julie Albright will email out to her 200 plus contacts.  It was suggested that the Flyer not go out until after New Years as it might get lost or forgotten about or not given the attention we want given to it – during this busy season.

    6.       The Board decided to give plaques at the cost of $15.00 per plaque to each of the Corporate sponsors to be presented at the February 2016 Meeting.

    7.       The board decided for the survey that if members wanted a text reminder about events, meetings and assistance as their preferred method of contact the chamber would  need a cell phone number, and the service provider information so that we could update members via text.

    8.       The Winter Network Event  -a)      Board members decided we would give door prizes out to people who showed up with their business card. b)      Bert Almy remained vigilant in offering to pay for the food and also the postage for the bulk mailing invitationsc)       It was suggested that we have a band for which Tamne’s husband’s band was booked for that evening to play free of charge.  The Music genre will be blues country/blues rock. d)      It was discussed that maybe we should set up the tables in our usual square formation so that networking was more of a group thing and not exclusionary.  e)      Julie Albright stated she would decorate the tables with blue table clothes and the snowflakes Tamne is making would be white/silver.f)       Julie Albright would contact someone from the Moriarty Chamber to see if we could get their old membership list to invite their old members to the event due to their chamber dissolving.g)      Larger corporate business would get a formal invite with a personal follow up.  

    9.        In the process of discussion – it was suggested that maybe we do some events akin to speed dating where tables are set up with one or two members on each side sitting across from each other.  They have 5 or 10 minutes (TBD) to get to know each other and each other’s businesses  when the bell rings the people on a set side will get up and rotate to another table (ie.. clockwise to the next table over) in order to network and get to know other member businesses.

    10.   Bob Brittian suggested another possible event that the Albuquerque Chamber does where businesses sign up for a “lunch Date”  the chamber set’s up reservations and determines what four businesses will attend at that location and the unknown businesses arrive and spend lunch getting to know each other and each others businesses.

    Bill Herman called for meeting to adjourn.

    Bert Almy Seconded.

    Membership voted to adjourn at 12:39 PM

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