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Minutes from the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce

12/10/2015 4:07 PM | Nancy Carpenter

Minutes from the East Mountain Chamber of Commerce

10 December, 2015

Meeting called to order at 11:30 AM by Nancy Carpenter – Incoming President

                Forgot to make a motion – New Members learning the ropes.


In Attendance:  Nancy Carpenter – Incoming President, Angie Gallegos Incoming Vice President,  Tamne Robinson  Incoming Secretary, Bert Almy Member at Large, Olivia Counts Membership Chairperson,  Julie Albright Paid Administrator, Bob Brittian Member at Large, Bill Herman Out Going Treasurer, Liz Morantes Member at Large.

Old Business

1.        Bert Almy will get the East Mountain Businesses mailing list to us by this evening to be able to mail out bulk invitations to Winter Networking event.a.       Food is yet to be determined and will be resolved through email once we have the number of invitations we will be sending out.b.      Cost of the postage for the bulk mailing is yet to be determined until we have the information on how many invitations we will be mailing out.

2.       Tamne Robinson stated she would create and make snowflakes with each business name and Logo if we have it - on them and banners for the corporate sponsors.  Julie Albright wanted 3-d snowflakes to decorate with Tamne stated she would make some for the advanced membership members.

New Business per agenda

1.       January 7th 2016 meeting the Guest speaker BCSO East Mountain commander Joshua Compos will be speaking to us.  Julie Albright stated she would call him to find out the content of his speech.

2.       Board agreed to pay 6 months for the USPS Box.

3.       Board agreed to reserve and pay $15.00 per hour to LVCC for Winter Networking event. Reservations will be made from 4 to 8 PM  Saturday January 23rd 2016(4 hours) totaling a cost of $60.00

4.       Bob Brittian is completing the flyer for the event – it was suggested that the darker blue back ground was easier to read and that there should be black lettering over the snowflakes so that the lettering didn’t wash out against the white.

5.       Bob Brittian will create a Save the Date flyer as well which Julie Albright will email out to her 200 plus contacts.  It was suggested that the Flyer not go out until after New Years as it might get lost or forgotten about or not given the attention we want given to it – during this busy season.

6.       The Board decided to give plaques at the cost of $15.00 per plaque to each of the Corporate sponsors to be presented at the February 2016 Meeting.

7.       The board decided for the survey that if members wanted a text reminder about events, meetings and assistance as their preferred method of contact the chamber would  need a cell phone number, and the service provider information so that we could update members via text.

8.       The Winter Network Event  -a)      Board members decided we would give door prizes out to people who showed up with their business card. b)      Bert Almy remained vigilant in offering to pay for the food and also the postage for the bulk mailing invitationsc)       It was suggested that we have a band for which Tamne’s husband’s band was booked for that evening to play free of charge.  The Music genre will be blues country/blues rock. d)      It was discussed that maybe we should set up the tables in our usual square formation so that networking was more of a group thing and not exclusionary.  e)      Julie Albright stated she would decorate the tables with blue table clothes and the snowflakes Tamne is making would be white/silver.f)       Julie Albright would contact someone from the Moriarty Chamber to see if we could get their old membership list to invite their old members to the event due to their chamber dissolving.g)      Larger corporate business would get a formal invite with a personal follow up.  

9.        In the process of discussion – it was suggested that maybe we do some events akin to speed dating where tables are set up with one or two members on each side sitting across from each other.  They have 5 or 10 minutes (TBD) to get to know each other and each other’s businesses  when the bell rings the people on a set side will get up and rotate to another table (ie.. clockwise to the next table over) in order to network and get to know other member businesses.

10.   Bob Brittian suggested another possible event that the Albuquerque Chamber does where businesses sign up for a “lunch Date”  the chamber set’s up reservations and determines what four businesses will attend at that location and the unknown businesses arrive and spend lunch getting to know each other and each others businesses.

Bill Herman called for meeting to adjourn.

Bert Almy Seconded.

Membership voted to adjourn at 12:39 PM

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