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05/07/09 General Chamber Meeting

  • 05/07/2009
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Los Vecinos Community Center


East Mountain Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes
May 7, 2009
Meeting was called to order at 11:45 am.
Present: Betty Miller, Peggy Moeller- Mead, Loretta Olson, Bill Walters, Deea Emmons, Julie Albright, Jim
Dobier and Ellen Ashcraft
Absent: John Hembree, Bill Walters
Agenda Item I. Treasurers Report- Betty Miller
The East Mountain Chamber bank account currently has $6361.41, after bills $5877.52.
Agenda Item II. Executive Board Report – None
Agenda Item III. Current Member Presentation, John Torrison,- Vista Grande Church
The Vista Grande Church holds service at the Vista Grande Community Center in Sandia Park. The
church owns 6 acres across from the East mountain High School and hopes to one day build their church
on their property once they have enough funds. On Saturday, June 27, 2009 the East Mountain
community of churches will hold the 5th Annual Liberty Music Festival from 11:00am until 5:00pm. Lunch
will be served at 12:30pm at the churches are asking all of us to come and enjoy the awesome music,
fellowship, food, children’s activities and fun. The event will take place at 52 La Madera Rd across from
East Mountain High. Please contact Yvonne High at 259-7741 for more info. The Vista Grande Church
also participates in the “Hand to Hand Medical Supply Ministry.” The Ministry collects donated items
such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, shower seats, bed pans and has a check out system similar to the
library so that our residents may borrow the needed items and return them. They also have a “Wood
Ministry” that delivers wood free to families in need during the winter. A member from their choice
started a “Bag Lady Ministry” that provides a stuffed animal, a blanket and hygiene items for foster care
children so that they always have something that it theirs to keep. The Ministry has made 100 bags so
far. The ministry also helps with East mountain Celebration providing water, taking care of the trash and
set up of the event. The Vista Grande Church is still shy 1.3 million to build their church and they are
accepting donations for this cause.
Agenda Item IV. New Member Presentation, Kaliq Berry “Q”- Wal-Mart Supervisor
Q is filling in for Alex Ax today. He would like the community to know that Wal-mart is active in
donating to charity’s, community and local schools. Their doors are always open to the community and
he invited the community to come in with any questions, complaints or compliments. Many in the
audience spoke up as to their positive experiences in the Edgewood Wal-mart.
Agenda Item V. Guest Speaker – Kelly Krauth- Vanguard Mortgage
Kelly Krauth prepared informational handouts for everyone in attendance regarding “Your Good Credit”,
“Credit Score” and an example of a credit score report. Her presentation provided a plethora of
information as to what effects your credit score, the effects of opening and closing credit accounts,
where to receive your free credit score http://www.annualcreditreport.com or 1-877-322-8228, and
she suggested pulling from a different credit reporting agency each quarter. How to improve your credit.
What to do if there is incorrect information on your credit report and the importance of keeping track of
your score. She went on to explain that your credit score can also affect your business credit or business
insurance and bond rates, again stressing the importance of checking your score often and correcting
any mistakes found. Mrs. Krauth listed the 5 C’s of Credit; Character, Capacity, Collateral, Capital &
Conditions. 740 and above is considered excellent credit. A rapid restore takes approximately 48 hours
to show up on your credit report. Albuquerque average is 617, national is 680 and NM is 663. She
stated the most important thing is your payment history. Your score reflects the lending rate 740 equals
4.25%, 691 equals 5.25%. Your credit card balance should not exceed 40 to 50% of the card limit.
Always make more than the minimum even if it is only by ten dollars more. Lenders and Insurance
agencies have approximately 30 credit services to choose from. A loss of employment is different than
just using your credit card for superficial items.
Old Business
· Member of the Month Drawing – Betty Miller of Adult Literacy program
· Publicity – Ellen Ashcraft – the telegraph offers discounted rates to chamber Members to
advertise in the Chamber Voice. Ad must be in by the last Thursday of the month. Contact
Alexandra at 823-7100. Susan Walker discussed promoting the Chamber in regards to the
Honor’s night at Los Vecinos for Honor students at Roosevelt and EMHS. Compass Bank and
Well Fargo will let the Chamber hold business to business events at their locations.
· Betty Miller’s Reading Works event will be held May 22, 2009 in the morning. She will send
information out to the Chamber members. The address is 1234 Pennsylvania Ste A in
New Business
· Networking Breakfast at Chili Hills Restaurant in Edgewood will be on Friday, may 8th, 2009 @
Meeting adjourned at 12:58pm

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