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04/02/09 General Chamber Meeting

  • 04/02/2009
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Los Vecinos Community Center


East Mountain Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 11:40 am.
Present: Bill Walters, Betty Miller, Peggy Moeller- Mead, Loretta Olson, Julie Albright, Jim Dobier, Ellen Ashcraft, and John Hembree
Absent: Deea Emmons
Representative Kathy McCoy-  I-40 Canyon Construction Update

  • NMDOT I-40 will remain one lane as there are too many bridges that they cannot create a second lane.  Cedar Crest Exit 37 they will be extending the ramps giving a longer time to merge onto I-40. Contractor is very aggressive in terms of time line.  October 2009 finish. The Village of Tijeras could approve a blinking light to improve flow.  Mrs. Nation said they changed the timing at the Rte 66 and South 14 light to assist with student arrival times, as the students were 45 minutes late, after the students were 20 minutes late and today they were on time. Digital signs are up and running and NMDOT are really trying and providing web updates. The Police need to get out of their cars and direct traffic during minor wrecks, the population needs to be directed. Photos can be taken of the wreck and the lanes reopened.

Agenda Item I.  Treasurers Report- Betty Miller – There is $7622.35 in the Chamber checking with 75 paid members.  Were low on membership this year, as we had 104 members last year. Mrs. Albright has been on the phone and 75 members seem to be our number this year.  Mr. Burdette stated the Chamber needs 120 paid members to run and with only 75 members the Chamber cannot cover their costs. The Chamber is short money.  What are we going to do? Our Member Chairman will continue to work on this, fundraisers, or looking to raise member rates.  Mr. Dobier, Member Chair stated he now has the past member information, looking at fun events for members “Train Trip, etc.”
Agenda Item II.  Executive Board Report –

  • Need new person to head up Breakfast with Santa.  Susan Walker did this for a number of years and is now stepping down.

Agenda Item III. Current Member Presentation, Darla Chase- Costco Wholesale

  • Inquired about Costco members present.  Costco offers travel, business needs, credit and payroll processing, fuel , furnishings, etc.  Membership is $50.00 with a $10.00 back gift card. Children Miracle Network in May of 2009, there is a donation fee and advertising is included.

Agenda Item III. New Member Presentation, Jillian Dearing- Stunningly Sterling – No Show 
Agenda Item IV. Guest Speaker Cee Kaye Nation Roosevelt Principal and Linda Kuelen Roosevelt Librarian

  • Principal Nation stated Roosevelt kids are great, respectful and polite and that Roosevelt Middle School facilities are there for the business community for meetings, the gym and field activities.  Roosevelt hosts 4H, Soccer, Cub Scouts, Baseball, Talking Talons, Elections, Wild Fest July 25th, Career Day April 15th.  She invited Chamber attendees to stop in and to use the facilities. Come visit Roosevelt’s award winning library. Please have your friends and family call me if they have questions regarding private schools versus what we can do for their students and how we can meet their needs. We are a small school we know our students and their families. We are flexible for home schooler's, offering half days, or taking that one algebra class.  Mrs. Nation has the okay to start clearing around the school’s perimeter.  Roosevelt has a plan and is trying to get extra volunteers to clear down by the creek. We could have the assistance with a local workout group that will volunteer to stay in shape.
  • Librarian Kuelen once attended San Antonito as a student.  She cautioned people to not listen to APS scores when thinking of Roosevelt, as Roosevelt has an 80% proficiency score in reading. Her library has the most current collection of books and is a library for the students, not a no talk library.  Children are encouraged to explore, put their feet up, discuss what their reading, enjoy a band concert.  She has success stories, like the 7th grade boy that hated to read actually read and enjoyed Gone with the Wind. She will do what it takes to make our students readers.  You can support this effort through donations, encouraging reading, and mentoring students.  She too would like to see our Chamber members visit and get involved. The library has a website, a blog, book reviews by students in audio and video form. Mrs. Kuelen would be willing to fundraise with the Chamber please call her or email her.  Her contacts are on the back of the brochure.  She thanked Representative McCoy regarding the capital outlay funds that so much improved our student library.  Please support our community talk to your legislature.
  • Dante Thacker Vice Principal Registration dates on brochure August 13, and 14th is registration.  School will begin on August 17, 2009. Chamber Secretary and Parent Action Council President is Deea Emmons and PAC will have events coming up at well. Mrs. Thacker will be available this summer if anyone would like to tour the school or have any questions, she will be available. Even though we are an APS school we are a community school.  We work with Talking Talons and they partnered with our science teachers.  We’re the best kept secret of APS.  We’re trying to increase our enrollment so that we may offer more elective class, but that will only happen with increased enrollment. We have an awesome technology department and would like to be able to offer more in this area as well.

Old Business/New business

  • Drawing Member of the Month - Triangle Grocery Store.
  • Betty Miller - Literacy Fundraiser collaborative with Albertson’s Grocery Store.  There is a key card that is scanned giving 1% of the first $50.00 and it is done quarterly.  If it is more than the $50.00 that the difference with the 1% is sent to the Chamber. Please pick up a key card. We focus on the adults so that they may teach their children. NM Coalition through Literacy will receive through the legislature funds for the program.
  • May 2nd & 3rd Edgewood Green Energy & Kite Festival, at the same time there will be an Art Fair at the Barn with 32 booths for Artists; it will be a juried show.  A booth is $35.00 for all day, both days.
  • Edgewood Circus April 7th passed out coupons.  Please post the posters.  Can sponsor the Circus for $100.00.  Run, Rock and Rally August 8, 2009, booths are available, prices have not been determined.
  • Tri-Chamber Golf Classic date is September 10, 2009.  We have a stock of baseball caps made for last year that should be sufficient for this year.  We need to find a list of the 2008 winners.  Brochures to be redone print only 250 this year instead of the 500 printed last year. Posters will not be printed this year but the layout will be reduced to an 8.5” x 11” format for flyers.  Postcards- Mailings in June and August.  No photographer this year.  We will use flag stickers again. The goal is to fill all 27 holes at Paako.  The August 21 meeting will be used to call those who have not RSVP’d. New contact at Paako is Debbie McDonald.  August 31, 2009 is the “goodie bag stuffing party”.  Update Tri-Chamber golf web site.
  • Peggy Moeller Mead - Fundraiser May 2nd 2009 Mothers Day Brunch for Woman’s Program, or donate an item for the silent auction, or purchase raffle tickets, pledge is $25.00.  Thrift Shop located at San Pedro north of Candelaria open Thursday through Saturday. Get people back on their feet so they can get back on their feet.
  • Cyd Morgan - April 20, 2009 should have Ranger information for the allowed motorized areas. The Ranger district asked for  $239,000.00 and will receive $100,000.00 for signs where motorized vehicles can be used.


  • Networking Breakfast at East Mountain Grill in Edgewood will be on Friday, April 10th @ 8:00am which will be a Board Meeting at 900am.
Meeting adjourned at 12:55pm



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